API Reference

Step-by-step guide to set up and start your Cloud Communication with MSG91

MSG91 is a CPaaS platform to help you communicate with your users on multiple channels that provides secure and robust APIs and ready-to-use tools.

Click here for Login/Signup- https://control.msg91.com/signin/

I. Configure the channel(s) that you would like to use

Communication Channels-

a. SMS

b. WhatsApp

c. Email

d. Voice

a. SMS

i) From the Sender ID approval process to creating templates and sending SMS - Follow its doc here

b. WhatsApp

i) WhatsApp needs some steps to be followed on the Meta side, find its guide here.
ii) Sync Templates in the MSG91 account and use Whatsapp API - HelpDoc

c. Email

i) For full Email configuration from adding a domain to sending Email - Follow its doc here

d. Voice

i) From creating templates to sending voice- Follow its doc here

For any help in the below configuration, take help from our tech support team https://calendly.com/support--msg91

II. There are 5 services to use the above-configured channels

a. Hello - Two-way communication via Tickets, Live Chat, Bot & Help Centre - HelpDoc

Use Hello when you want to-

i) Manage your customer email tickets

ii) Facilitate your customer with live chat and view its analytics

iii) Create internal teams to manage email tickets and live chat

iv) Connect your customer on call or on-screen sharing

v) Manage your Help articles/docs and publish them for customers

b. Segmento (Contact Management system) - HelpDoc

Step by Step guide to start Segmento and utilize it fully-

i) Update your existing user data by CSV.

ii) Add API to bring new users and new user fields/attributes/events.

iii) Create Segments

iv) Send messages over SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc. (run campaign) manually to all users of a particular segment or Automate based on user falls in any segment.

c. OTP verification service (Two-factor authentication)

​Use the Send OTP API for sending OTP SMS and using voice as backup in retry with the Resend OTP API and verifying the OTP via the Verify OTP API.

​Or you can integrate the Login with OTP Widget on your end and all these 3 APIs (Send, Resend, and Verify) will be called automatically. HelpDoc

d. Automate via RESTful APIs

​Integrate a single Campaign API for all channels - HelpDoc [Recommended]

e. Integrate APIs separately for every channel -

For very specific use case which is not being solved by Campaign APIs

Use dedicated APIs -

i) For SMS

ii) For Email

iii) For Whatsapp


Our team and some of the independent developers have built few add-ons/plugins for some of the frameworks like WHMCS, Magento, Wordpress. For details, visit here.

Available SDKs

1. iOS

2. Android